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OctoAliens Roadmap

Launch OctoAliens on BSC


OctoAliens start NFTs collectibles collection on Binance Smart Chain.

Collectors can collect OctoAliens NFTs using their BNBs.


Build $OCTO

OctoAliens launch $OCTO as reward for collectors.

Buying OctoAliens NFTs from primary market collectors earn $OCTO

$OCTO Utility

$OCTO Utility

  • $OCTO is a Liquidity Generator Token: 10% fees applied for every transaction (5% allocated to holders and 5% to liquidity).

  • In collaboration with BSC Marketplaces you can buy and sell NFTs using $OCTO.

  • With $OCTO you can participate to OctoAliens private auctions using Discord.

  • Using $OCTO you can buy OctoAliens NFT Physical Editions.

OctoAliens Events

OctoAliens Events

OctoAliens NFT holders are abled to join on OctoAliens Events and win a lot of prizes ($OCTO, BNB, NFTs, Physical Editions)

$OCTO Games

$OCTO Games

OctoAliens launch "$OCTO Games", a mini-games platform for earn free $OCTO.